Java Universal Role Playing Engine

Jurpe - Java Role Playing Engine

Welcome to the SourceForge J.U.R.P.E. Development Site

J.U.R.P.E. (Java Universal Role Playing Engine) is an Open Source Java engine to support the writing of new electronic RPG games. It implements a skill based, three dice RPG ruleset.
Jurpe comes with JurpeDemo, a full featured dungeon crawling, rogue-like adventure that demonstrates the capabilities of Jurpe engine.
Jurpe Engine and Jurpedemo are released under the GNU/GPL v3 license.

You may follow the Jurpe Project evolution on Freecode site.


Download from SourgeForge



  • 19.12.2013: Sourceforge Jurpe Web Site updated
  • 18.12.2013: Jurpe v.0.4.0 released
  • 02.10.2008: Jurpe v.0.3.9 released
  • 06.11.2007: Jurpe v.0.3.8 has been released
  • 22.01.2007: Jurpe v. is out

This project is currently under development: