Uses of Class

Packages that use ViewMapPoint

Uses of ViewMapPoint in jurpe.dungeon.crawler

Methods in jurpe.dungeon.crawler that return ViewMapPoint
 ViewMapPoint RpgMapPoint.toViewMapPoint(MapView view)
          Transform this point into a ViewMap point

Uses of ViewMapPoint in jurpe.dungeon.hexmap

Methods in jurpe.dungeon.hexmap that return ViewMapPoint
 ViewMapPoint HexMapGeometry.getLogicalCoordinatesFromPhysical(MapView view, java.awt.Point c)
          Get logical hexagon center coordinates, given the hexagon physical coordinates

Methods in jurpe.dungeon.hexmap with parameters of type ViewMapPoint
 HexMapPoint HexMapGeometry.getPhysicalCoordinatesFromLogical(ViewMapPoint vP)
          Get the physical center coordinates from logical coordinates

Uses of ViewMapPoint in jurpe.dungeon.rpgmap

Methods in jurpe.dungeon.rpgmap that return ViewMapPoint
 ViewMapPoint MapView.getViewPosition(RpgMapPoint a)
          Return coordinates in view position, given the RpgMap absolute position

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