Package jurpedemo.frames

Class Summary
DungeonCommander Executes a command entered in a Game Panel
FrameAboutBox Swing graphical About Box with nice image.
FrameCombat This class opens combat window.
FrameHighScores Helper class for displying High Scores Table.
FrameMain Swing graphical user interface.
FrameTutorial Helper class for displying Tutorial frame.
InventoryListBox Extends JList with popup menu functionalities for handling inventory
JurpeDialogBox Custom dialog box.
JurpeFrame Swing graphical user interface.
PanelCharacter GUI Character Panel
PanelGame Main Game Panel
PanelInn GUI Inventory Panel
PanelInventory GUI Inventory Panel
PanelShop GUI Inventory Panel
PanelSkills GUI Skills Panel
PopupListener Custom listener for popup menus

Enum Summary
JurpeLookAndFeel Look and feel enumeration.

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