Package jurpe.system

Interface Summary
ICommand Command interface.

Class Summary
CommandSequence Implements a sequence of commands to be executed.
Config This class contains configuration strings.
Core Contains references to every object in the game.
CoreCommands Core related commands
CoreHandles Handles to other objects in the game.
EffectsCollection Collection of TurnEffects in charge
EffectType Type of Effects: temporary modifiers on IQ,DX,ST,HT
JurpeUtils Collection of GURPS related rules.
Log Keeps a log of events in the game
OSProps Contains Operating System related functions.
Platform Implements differences between different platforms, such as .NET Visual JSharp.
TurnEffect Turn effect is a modifier for an attribute of a character that has the duration of n turns.
TurnTable This class is a metaphor for a table in which players sit to play.

Enum Summary
EnabledDisabled Enabled/Disabled typesafe enum

Exception Summary
JurpeException Class for reporting exceptions in eGURPS API usage

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